Toddler crafts

Fingerprint Art Project

On this rainy Saturday morning, Boo and I decided to finally work on some art for her bedroom. I had bought some frames at the dollar store a while ago, but we never got around to doing the artwork. We watched five minutes of Artzooka on CBC this morning and that’s where I got the idea for the fingerprint art. This is the first of three projects for her wall.

First, I cut some pieces of cardstock. Boo always wants some blue in her projects, so I chose two other colours that go well in her room.

Coloured cardstock
Coloured cardstock

I wasn’t pleased with the way the corners looked when they were bare, so I added some glitter stickers. Boo loves glitter anyway, so it actually turned out quite nice. Plus, she was glad she could finally help.

Adding some glitter

Next, I helped her place her fingers here and there on the cardstock. I put some paper around the edges to make sure we didn’t get any paint on the frame border.

Boo’s fingerprints here and there

Once we were done, she wanted to do some fingerprints without my help while we waited for the project to dry.

Fun paint smudging
Boo loves to smudge paint all over her hands at the end of a project.

Voilà! Boo’s comment? “Wow!”

The finished product!
Fingerpaint wall art

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