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Invasion of the Little People…

For the last eight months, at least, our toy box has been invaded by Little People. And they brought some friends!

The Bodonnes
… they’re coming…

Admit it, they look a little creepy with their arms out like that.

Boo loves little figurines. It all started with Little People, but any little “bodonne” (bonhomme, or figurine) as she calls them, will do. Even the old (because I don’t want to say “ugly”) 1980’s Tupperware ones. They are the three in the top left corner of the picture.

I think her obsession began when her little brother arrived. After all, it was easy for me to play with one hand when Loup was learning to nurse in the early days.

At the height of her obsession, her answer to “What do you want to do?” was always “Bodonne”. Playground? No. Crafts? No. Bodonne? Yes! She also refused to make the bodonnes move or talk. We had to do it for her and she would sit back and watch. We worked on it and she’s getting better at actively participating, but we have to remind her daily that if she wants us to play with her, she has to play, too. She’ll even play quietly on her own every once in a while!

If you come for a visit and show the slightest interest in playing bodonnes with her, she spots your from a mile away and will not, under any circumstances, let you do anything else during your entire visit. Even if you are here for days. My husband and I admit that we like it when others agree to play with her. After all, that means we get a break from them. And we also admit that we are waiting for Loup to be old enough to play with them. At the moment, he just thinks they are really tasty.


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