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DIY Ribbon Wand

A few months ago, Boo took a parent-and-me class called “Creative Movements”. At the end of each class, the toddlers would dance around with ribbon wands. It was her favourite part of the class and she asked me if I could make one for her.

First, I looked for supplies. I was going to use a wrapping paper cardboard tube, which would have worked, but then I found some balloons sticks, so I went with that.

The supplies
Some random supplies: ribbons, balloon sticks, a flower and a bell.

The balloon stick made it very easy to tie the ribbons here and there.

Ribbons and wand
Ribbons and balloon stick

I then added the flower on one side and the bell on the other.

Ribbon Wand and Flower
A flower to make it pretty.
Ribbon Wand and Bell
A bell for fun.

And voilà! There are lots of fun dances your little one can do with a ribbon wand: freeze dance, sweeping high, sweeping low, painting a rainbow, etc.

DIY Ribbon Wand
DIY Ribbon Wand

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