Turn your back for a second and…

It was bound to happen, and it will probably happen again. She tried to cut her brother’s hair.

Most kids have tried this on themselves or on someone else, right? I know my goddaughter cut her own bangs just a few days before she was a flower girl in my wedding. They were able to repair the damage and no one noticed.

In our case, I am glad that a) They were safe scissors, so the baby could not have gotten hurt and b) I caught her just in time. My little guy has lots of hair, which means that lots of damage could have been done in a few seconds.

It was a recipe for disaster, I know. We had just gotten back from spending the day at a friend’s house, where she had a very short nap in the stroller. That means she was overtired. It was 5:45 p.m. That means she was hungry. Plus, I was on the phone. And, she asked for her scissors and paper. Of course, I quickly told her to cut only the paper, but really, since when do toddlers listen?  Then, I turn around and see her with her brother’s hair in one hand and the scissors in the other.

In these cases, I always have trouble finding a way to stay calm, especially when I, too, am tired and hungry. So I put her on the rocking chair, à la Super Nanny, and told her that it was U-N-A-C-C-E-P-T-A-B-L-E. I use this word only in cases where I am really, really unhappy with her behaviour. I repeat the word slowly and many times and hope she understands that when Maman uses the word, she means business. Boo knows the drill, because as she was sitting for her two minutes, she kept telling me she wanted me to explain what she had done. Even though she knew very well what she had done. So again, à la Super Nanny, I told her that she sat on the chair because she tried to cut her brother’s hair. It is unacceptable and only Maman can cut Loup’s hair. Remember, he has lots of it, so she has seen me cut it before.

What have your kids done to wreak havoc when you were busy doing something else?


One thought on “Turn your back for a second and…

  1. So far, I haven’t had these experiences. But I think it’s only because of her age. Once, I did find her pulling the toilet paper roll all over the bathroom. I know my time is coming….

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