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Ice Cream-Less Ice Cream Cones!

Ice Cream-Less Ice Cream Cone

Ice cream-less ice cream cone: a fun way to eat a healthy dessert

Until Boo turned 2.5, it was pretty easy to avoid all desserts. Now, she asks and asks and asks (and asks) for dessert at the end of every meal. We try to keep “real” desserts for weekends and special occasions. The good thing is that as long as she thinks it’s special, she loves it. It doesn’t have to be covered in sugar or chocolate.

One trick is giving her something in an ice-cream cone. If you look at the ingredients in a regular cone, you’ll notice that there isn’t much in it. The one in the picture doesn’t even have a significant enough amount of sugar to mention in the nutritional information.

Today, Boo wanted grapes and blackberries. I wanted to add some pineapple and strawberries for colour, but she wanted to go purple 🙂

You can put anything in these and she’s happy. I often put plain yogurt and she gobbles it up!

BTW – Sorry, I’ve been MIA for a while! Warm weather and busy summer schedule have kept me away from the computer! I have lots of projects documented, but haven’t had the time to post. Here is a quick one, which will hopefully get me back into the beat.


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