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Ladybug and Butterfly Birthday Party

Boo has turned 3! I wanted a theme that goes well with summer, as we were having an outside party at a campground. I thought butterflies and ladybugs was a perfect girly theme.

We had lots of fun. We started the party off with face painting (butterflies and ladybugs, of course), we had lunch and cakepops, then we blew giant bubbles and finally, some of the kids went for a swim at the campground pool.

Here are some of the party accents, made by my Mom and I.

Butterfly napkins
Three butterflies stamped onto napkins.
Butterfly & Ladybug Straw Tag
Butterfly & Ladybug Straw Tags

We cut out some scallops and some butterflies and ladybugs. I had found these heart-shaped twirly straws on sale way back in February after Valentine’s Day. The straws were a hit with the kids.

Colourful Cakepops
Colourful Cakepops

I had planned on making ladybug cakepops. I did a test run on Father’s Day. The cakepops tasted good. Unfortunately, not only was the whole process very time consuming, but the cakepops looked awful. They looked as if Boo had designed them herself. If they were a total failure in the comfort of my own kitchen, I was not going to attempt to decorate the real ones at a campground! So, I made the balls in advance and we simply covered them them with red and brown chocolate as well as sprinkles the morning of the party. Luckily, my whole family was there for a big family reunion that weekend, so I had lots of help. The kids loved them and Boo was very impressed with her very own cakepop with 3 candles.

Party Pretzels!

Once we were done the cakepops, we had enough chocolate left to cover some pretzels. Oddly enough, I don’t even have any pictures of the ones I had made ahead of time. They were completely covered in brown chocolate and had red sprinkles, so they went well with the ladybug theme.

We gave the kids some butterfly gummies, some chocolate-covered pretzels, some butterfly, flower and ladybug stickers and some tiny nailpolish bottles.

It was a beautiful day and my Baby Girl had lots of fun!


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