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March Break Under the Sea Fun!

It’s Boo’s first MARCH BREAK! I am so excited to have both kids with me for a full week. It is a much deserved break from school and daycare for all of us. We usually travel to see family at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and other family events, so it’s nice to stay home and relax.

We don’t have any big plans, but we’ve been having lots of fun so far.

Today, I had a quick and easy idea that kept the kids busy for hours. We made a puppet out of a mermaid template I found on I then put a dark blue sheet on the floor for the water and a brown towel for the sand. We found a few ocean-themed books and put them around. Then, Boo used one of her dolls to use as a second mermaid (I just put an elastic at the end of her dress to hide her feet) and Loup ran upstairs and came back down with a plastic whale I forgot we had! We also found a fish from their play kitchen. The kids had lots of fun pretending they were a fish and a mermaid. The fun continued after Loup woke up from his nap and the kids got into their bathing suits!

Under The Sea Imaginative Play

You may also want to see these Three Little Pigs finger puppets we printed out and coloured the other day. The kids love classic stories, so this was also a hit with them.

What do you do during March break? Stay put and have fun at home or go on a trip?


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