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All Babies Should Come With a 6-year-old Sister

This summer, our home grew two feet.
This summer, our home grew two feet.

Wow, where has the time gone? We added a very small yet very big addition to our home. You guessed it, almost four months ago, we welcomed a baby boy who completes our family. For the last few months, I have kept telling myself I should get back into blogging. So here I am, sharing a short, but sweet, post with you.

My eldest, Boo, the only princess in our family, is such an amazing big sister. She is so awesome at it, I wonder how I ever had my other two a six-year-old helper! She has always been maternal and seeing her in her big sister role makes my heart so happy. In the early days when breastfeeding took a little longer, she would help our middle child go to the bathroom before nap time, then she would turn his Gro-Clock on, lie next to him for a few minutes, kiss him and leave the room.

Today as I was driving with the three kids, I heard some noise in the back seat, so I asked what it was, and she said she pulled the baby’s sunshade down because the sun was in his eyes. Then she added that she was holding his hand to let him know she was still there 💗

Now that the baby is a little older and can be entertained, both my older two talk to him and keep him content while I make dinner or empty the dishwasher. Yesterday, I had exactly 10 minutes to put away a mountain of folded laundry before dinner. I challenged my older two to dance like crazy to some new music I downloaded off Itunes. Did my plan work? You bet it did. I was able to put everything away while little man happily sat on the couch watching them.

I love watching my trio. What do your kids do to make life a little easier?


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