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Baby & Me Class? Worth it?

Late Saturday evening, we got back from a trip to see family for the holidays. It was back to school on Monday for big sister and big brother and back to work for Papa, so we only had the one day to unwind, unpack and make sure I had their backpacks and lunches ready. As I was busy doing this, I suddenly remembered that Minou and I had signed up for a Baby & Me swim class on Tuesdays this winter. “Oh boy, it doesn’t start this Tuesday, does it?” Sure enough, I logged into the city Website once I sent the kids off to school and it does start this week.

You mean I have to dig out a tiny bathing suit and a swim diaper somewhere in Minou’s closet? Try to work around Minou’s nap? Also, brave the cold? It is FREEZING here today. I admit that it seemed like a better idea when I signed up back in September. Of course, I did end up going and I remembered how much it is worth it.

He LOVED it! Loved. He loves the bath, but has never been in a pool. He didn’t cling to me or even flinch. Just a look on his face which seemed to say, “Hey, this is cool – a giant bath. Nice!” I even dunked him in the water a bit, and the instructor poured water over his head. If only my 4-year-old knew I let someone pour water on Minou’s head. And he giggled when I made bubbles. We had a great time. Sometimes we think these Mommy & Me classes are mostly for the Mommy, but my little man definitely had fun today.

What are you doing to keep busy this winter?




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