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Mommy Fail or Mommy Win?

I am sure most of us have moments where we’re not sure if you just had a win or just had a fail. Yesterday was one of those moments for me. Boo got off the bus and the very first thing she said to me was, “We had so much fun yesterday…” (WIN!) “… we forgot to do my homework” (FAIL!) 

You see, I am a rule-follower. I was also an extremely organized person before I became a mother. I am still pretty organized when it comes to school lunches, signing papers for school, homework and such. I had yet to forget something like that. She hadn’t had homework during the last week of school before the Holidays, then of course there were the Holidays. This week, though, it happened, and it happened on hump day!

Monday and Tuesday, I knew I had to dive back into the routine of managing Minou’s last nap, Loup’s end-of-day grumpiness and the Boo’s homework just before starting dinner. So, it was easy to not forget. On Wednesday, though, it was a sunny, mild winter day and the snow was nice, so I decided to take the kids outside and make a snow fort after putting the baby to sleep in the stroller. My plan was to do the homework once we got in. Somehow we completely forgot.

Boo, just like me, is a rule-follower, so she was slightly mortified when she did not get that stamp in her binder. And slightly annoyed that I made her do double the homework the next day. But, we had fun. So I guess it’s a win-fail.

How did your first week back into the swing of things go?


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