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Organization Series – Part 1


Little Miss Maman Organization Series – Simple, but organized, is a series of posts I am writing to help you organize your life. I know how hectic life can be with children, so my goal is to find simple ways to make everything, well, simpler. Sometimes I see set-ups on Pinterest that are stunning, but a bit too complicated or time-consuming for my life at the moment. So, welcome to my little series. Simple, but efficient ways to be organized. 

Part 1 – Mittens, hats and scarves, oh my!

In my part of the world, you can need sneakers and a summer hat one day and a tuque, coat and boots the next day, especially at the beginning or the end of a season. Naturally, we need lots of space to store things like hats and mittens. We don’t have much space in my front entrance, but we do have a ledge with some storage space.

At first, we were just two adults, so I had this little basket laying around, and that was enough.

Then we had Boo, so I took a tiny little wicker basket from our powder room.

Then we had Loup, so I took another tiny little wicker basket from our powder room.

Then Boo and Loup grew, as did the sizes of their mittens and hats.

Then we had Minou, and there were no more little wicker baskets to steal from the powder room. In the mean time, the older two had turned 4 and 6 and were expected to put their own stuff away. They did put their stuff away, but those baskets were overflowing and untidy.

I am almost embarrassed to post these, but I want to keep it real. Like I mentioned above, I know how hectic life is with kids. I’m living it. So here are my baskets on the day I had had enough of it and searched for a better solution.


I didn’t have to search very far. Those very affordable fabric baskets you can find anywhere fit perfectly. Best of all, the kids can easily throw everything into their baskets (because you know they will), and no one needs to know.

Voilà! Here is what the corner looks like now:


It is amazing how something so simple can make you feel so good.

Do you have any simple, but great organization solutions?


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