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Getting Ready for School or Daycare – Clothing Edition



Organization Series (Part 2):

Getting Ready for School or Daycare

Little Miss Maman Organization Series – Simple, but organized, is a series of posts I am writing to help you organize your life. I know how hectic life can be with children, so my goal is to find simple ways to make everything, well, simpler. Sometimes I see set-ups on Pinterest that are stunning, but a bit too complicated or time-consuming for my life at the moment. So, welcome to my little series. Simple, but efficient ways to be organized. 


If you have children who need to be somewhere in the morning, you know how crazy things can get. I would like to share with you today the best thing I have done to make our  morning routine go smoothly. That thing is: choosing a full outfit for every single day, way ahead of time. A full outfit means even underwear and socks.

What are the benefits?

  • Kids know what to expect. After 3 years, they know the drill. It has become routine. There are no surprises each morning. That means there is no room for negotiation.
  • Kids know what to do. All they have to do is take the first outfit from the top of the pile. Unless there are lots of buttons, my 4 and 6 year olds are able to get dressed by themselves.
  • For the younger crowd, it gives them a sense of time. Only one more outfit in the pile means the weekend is coming!
  • Kids are dressed appropriately every day. For example, Boo’s teacher asks children to avoid wearing skirts or dresses on gym days. Now Boo loves her skirts and dresses, so I make sure she’s dressed for gym on gym days. She also knows to expect gym depending on the clothing chosen for the day.
  • For the older crowd, it can be a weekly responsibility.
  • If, exceptionally, someone other than you or your partner is handling the morning routine, the kids just have to direct the caregiver to the pile.
  • It saves TIME. Getting dressed takes 1 minute, maybe 2 out of the morning’s routine. No looking for clothing, no surprises about all the clothes being dirty.

When to sort and chose clothing for the week?

You can chose any time that works best for you, but I highly suggest doing it when you are already folding and putting laundry away. For me, Sunday just before dinner works best. We’re usually out and about on Saturday and part of Sunday, but as the afternoon comes to an end, my husband is usually cooking in the kitchen, I am folding laundry and the kids are hanging out with me or with my husband. I have to fold and put clothes away anyway, so as I do this, I choose five pants (or dresses or skirts), five shirts, five pairs or socks (or tights), five pairs of underwear and, if necessary, five undershirts.

I also check the weather as I make my pile. Of course, predictions can change as the week goes on, but I like to have an idea if the kids will most likely need an extra layer or not.

Where do I put this pile of clothing?

Now, this is where you can get creative. For now, I simply put the piles in a corner in my room (it’s a built-in nook in my wall). The reason I have them here is because it is a few steps from the bathroom, which makes it easy to do teeth and hair at the same time.

It is out in the open this way, so if you prefer, you can easily hide them in your child’s closet, just like that, or you can use an organizer such as these. I plan to get some closet organizers when the children are a bit older.

Do I include my children?

If you want to, you can include your children for sure! Loup does not care at all unless it’s a themed day at school, so I can put anything in his pile. Boo definitely has her favourites, so if she’s with me I give her some choices, but I know her preferences, so there are no battles. If getting dressed in a challenge in your home, it may be a good idea to have your child be a part of this routine.

When to start?

I would start as soon as your child needs to be somewhere every morning. Our school has an early start, and the kids need to be on the bus by 7:45 a.m. This pile has been a lifesaver.

I do not put Minou’s clothing in the pile, because spit up, leaky diapers and solid food make it hard to keep him clean and in the same clothing for longer than a few hours.

What about the weekend?

We’re not as rushed on the weekend, so I don’t generally include outfits for Saturday, Sunday or any PD day or holiday, but if we all need to be out of the house early for an event, I do lay everyone’s clothing out, including the baby’s.

Do you have some sorting of system for clothing?  Has it helped with the morning routine?


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