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Silly Things Kids Do


You silly boy, Loup!

So, I am pretty proud of my Little Loup. He is probably my wildest child at home (time will tell if Minou is wilder), but at school he is doing really well. Although very shy, he is slowly participating more and more and he is learning at a rapid rate.

He is a good listener, which gets him special tickets, and every once in a while, he can “buy” something in the surprise box with his tickets. Well, for the last few times, he has come back home with a used Pez dispenser. And every single time, the first thing he does when he comes home is flip it open, and every single time he is absolutely flabbergasted when he sees that it is, in fact, empty. Why? Because ONE time, there was ONE old candy left. I am 99.9% sure the teacher did not know about this old candy. I had no idea how old it was (or where it had been). Needless to say, I quickly said, “Lets keep this for later.” Luckily, we did have some Pez in the back of our pantry, a gift from the grandparents, so I made the switch and he was none the wiser. I could have told him I tossed it, but I find that kids are very proud of these little things they earn. It wasn’t worth the battle.

It’s funny, my daughter had the same teacher and presumably the same surprise box and never came back with a Pez dispenser.

What silly things have your children come up with?


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