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Kids and Flavour? Do they mix?


Kids, herbs and spices do mix!

Because March is Nutrition Month, I would like to write about kids and flavour. Even before becoming parents, my husband and I have always meal-planned and cooked meals from scratch.

We’ve always used herbs and spices, but very little added salt. This did not change when we became parents. Our dishes have always included lots of veggies. This did not change when we became parents. Our homemade spaghetti sauce has always been very spicy. This did not change when we became parents. You get the picture!

If you eat a healthy and balanced diet, there is no reason to drastically change the kind of food you make and eat at home. The kids can absolutely eat what you eat. We have never tried to hide veggies in our food. We do not cover our veggies with melted cheese.

One of the meals we regularly make is a stir-fry, like the one pictured above. Of course we add the classic garlic, onion and broccoli, but also fresh ginger, sesame seeds and veggies like bok choy and Napa cabbage that not all kids are used to. Boo is always the first to ask, “What is THAT?” when she sees something new. I try to tell her “It’s like…”. For example, with the Napa cabbage, I tell her it’s like celery. When I chop it up and put it in the stir-fry, it does look a little like it.

Now, not everything will be a hit, and that’s okay! The thing is, we as adults cook what we like and simply don’t cook what we don’t like. It is not fair to our children to expect them to have the same tastes as we do. For instance, one of my husband’s favourite dishes is a Moroccan white fish dish called “chermoula”. It is oh so flavourful, but all the flavours are quite strong. This is hit or miss with our kids depending on their mood. Another one is a curried lentil dahl recipe. The important thing, though, is to make sure they try a dish before turning their noses up at something. Usually with the two dishes above, they eat a little, but simply don’t ask for seconds.

We do try to include them in our meal planning when we make our grocery list, but if Boo had it her way, we would eat 1) Spaghetti, 2) Fajitas and 3) Duck (yes, duck. We don’t have it that often, but the kids gobble it up). In that order, again and again. Forever.  Every once in a while, though, they do request that a new meal be added to our regular rotation of meals. So that’s always a win!

What are some of your favourite flavourful recipes?


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