My name is Rebecca. I have three children, a girl, born in 2009 and two boys,born in 2011 and 2015. Meet my trio:


Boo is the big sister. She is 6 years old and in first grade. She is bright, generous and beautiful inside and out.


Loup (wolf in French) is our middle child and old soul. He amazes us every day with a new play on words and is already a little intellectual. He is four years old and full of energy.


Minou (kitty in French) is the sweet baby boy who completes our family. He is the little sidekick I spend my days with while the older two are in school and Papa is at work. He has brightened all of our lives in a way couldn’t have imagined.

The Blog

I hope to share with you some of the ups and downs of parenting as well as my craft projects, healthy meals, activities and thoughts.

During the last 6 years, I have been at home with both little ones for months at a time, I’ve been a student Mom, I’ve been a working Mom and I have been with baby while the older two are in school. We are a francophone family, but I am bilingual, hence the “Maman” in my blog title.

I have a degree in professional writing and I want to get back into more creative writing after seven years of administrative writing. I also recently got a degree in education. I would love to hear about what you would like to read about in my blog. Let me know! Contact me at littlemissmaman (at) gmail (dot) com or use the form below.

Little Miss Maman


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