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Kids and Flavour? Do they mix?

Kids, herbs and spices do mix! Because March is Nutrition Month, I would like to write about kids and flavour. Even before becoming parents, my husband and I have always meal-planned and cooked meals from scratch. We’ve always used herbs and spices, but very little added salt. This did not change when we became parents. Our… Continue reading Kids and Flavour? Do they mix?

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Ladybug and Butterfly Birthday Party

Boo has turned 3! I wanted a theme that goes well with summer, as we were having an outside party at a campground. I thought butterflies and ladybugs was a perfect girly theme. We had lots of fun. We started the party off with face painting (butterflies and ladybugs, of course), we had lunch and cakepops,… Continue reading Ladybug and Butterfly Birthday Party

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Ice Cream-Less Ice Cream Cones!

Ice cream-less ice cream cone: a fun way to eat a healthy dessert Until Boo turned 2.5, it was pretty easy to avoid all desserts. Now, she asks and asks and asks (and asks) for dessert at the end of every meal. We try to keep “real” desserts for weekends and special occasions. The good thing… Continue reading Ice Cream-Less Ice Cream Cones!